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World cup 2022

World cup for 2022 edition will be totally a different tournament compared to what we've seen over the last 92 years . An edition that will be played in Qatar the arabic country for

the first time ever . All 8 groups to be played in one city which is Doha the capital as this

is the only city in the country ! Qatar is a very small country in terms of area with a population

of 2 millions including all foreign workers . The local citizens make arround 300 thousand

people out of the whole population . It is considered to be richest country in the world

in terms of average annual income per person . Germany , France , Spain , Brazil and

Argentina are all considered as power houses to compete for the cup . France the title

holder is coming with the likes of Mbape , Greizman and Dembele . The germans

and the spanish have the core of the team basically from top clubs like Beyern , Dortumund

Real and Barcelona .

Brazil has lots of top names in european leagues which makes it so confusing to decide a

starting 11 players on the lineup and finally Argentina with the last world cup for the

sensational talent Messi !!!

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