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Quick Review on European Leagues 2022

So far this year power houses in Europe still leading so far the top

4 european domestic leagues . In England , it seems a very tight race

will be going between Man City and Arsenal . The pretty thing this

year in England is the come back of Arsenal after years of struggle

and being abscent from the competition . Mike Arteta seems has found

finally the best format for his team and the lost chemistry between the

players . Watch out stars like Saka , Odegaard and martinelli the next

few years . As for Germany , Bayern still look as hot favourites specially

with the bad shape of Dortmund their main competitors . Dortmund

is really missing the services of his ex star Halland . Spain is having

its league on fire with the two giants of Spain Real and Bara in best

shape and having equal points on top of table before the classico

next week . Finally , italian Serie A things are not clear but most

of the experts are expecting the race between Napoli and Milan

with Inter running just a few steps behind them . Napoli is having

a great season so far and they look the most dangerous team in

the league offensively with a wold class performance from players

such as Victor Osimhen , kvaratskhelia and Zielinski .

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