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Real 0 Barca 4 !!!

what an entertaining night it was for Barcelona fans after beating Real in Bernabeu

4/0 on a one side game . A result that comes against all the odds and the expect-

tions as Madrid has been hot favourite to win before the game . Madrid had a

better season so far and they are leading the table and look so close to finish up

the race easily this year on top of that Madrid has more stars and more experience

on their squad but Barca has new blood and so eager young players looking to prove

themselves in front of the world . 4 goals scored by Aubameyang 2 Araujo 1 and

Torres 1 . Torres , Araujo , Pedri , De Jong and Garcia are very promising talents

and definitely Barca to count on these guys for the next 10 years !!!

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