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world cup is world's #1 event

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

the world cup simply is the number one universal event that gathers the whole

world arround TV screens to watch it . Historically Brazil is the most winning team

with 5 titles followed by Italy and Germany with 4 titles each . France , Argentina

and Uruguay on the golden list with a couple of titles for each team . The mondiale

has been played 22 times starting in 1930 and got cancelled few times due to 1st and

2nd world wars . The world cup has witnessed a lot legend players that are still being

rememebered until today with the likes of Maradona Pele Messi Ronaldo Baggio and

many other players ! Fifa decided as of world cup 2026 there will be 48 teams . Many

other sports have organized world cup competitions but the Mondiale still considered

as the most succesful universal event in the world's history no doubt !!!

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